Elizabeth Ustinov

Elizabeth Ustinov“This internship gave me more perspectives on what my career could possibly look like.”

Elizabeth Ustinov, BJ ’21

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Fun fact: “I’m a DJ at KCOU, the student-run radio station at Mizzou. I co-host a show called Yas Queen, which only features female artists.”

Graphic designer


Designed graphics for social media posts, posters, large banners, LEDs, etc., for different divisions of the University of Missouri system, including The Mizzou Store, Mizzou Rec facilities, Campus Dining Services, Residential Life, CAPB and student organizations. Communicated with clients throughout projects, delivered my work before the deadline and met with them to brainstorm if needed.

Favorite projects

  • Right now, I’m actually working on creating a virtual reveal for the 2020 Tap Day using motion graphics. Even though the physical event is canceled for this school year, I’m glad I’m able to contribute my skills so that inductees of those societies can be recognized. This has also given me a chance to work on improving my video and motion graphic skills.
  • I was able to work with social media interns to revamp the Zoutique Instagram during spring and summer 2019. We were able to brainstorm to create a new look that would resonate more with Mizzou students, and we did this by featuring Mizzou students in our product and clothing photoshoots, adding graphics to photos and making gifs (among other things). This was a great experience since we were able to construct a brand’s online identity as interns.
  • I was able to meet with a couple of student organizations, the MU Ballroom Dance Club and the MU Fulbright Organization, to redesign their logos. Again, this was a project where I could work with students to build a brand and create something from scratch, so it was very exciting for me and the organizations.

Lessons learned

I learned how to communicate with clients: explaining my designs and thought process, anticipating their needs, helping them find what they want through brainstorming sessions and providing timely and clear communication throughout the project duration. My organizational and time-management skills have improved as well because I have worked on 10-plus projects simultaneously. I also believe my Adobe Creative Suite skills have sharpened immensely, so I’m able to create designs more efficiently.

ZOUtique promotion

ZOUtique promotion

mental health promotionWhat Others Say

“During the coronavirus crisis in spring 2020, we needed to create a greater social media presence to recruit for the Chancellor’s Leadership Class. Elizabeth created several outstanding motion graphics for us and her work was so excellent that within two weeks of marketing we received 500 applications – larger the total applications received in the previous year. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.” -Jayme Gardner, coordinator for  leadership development, Office of Student Engagement

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“This is a great environment for students to explore what a job would be like in a media department, and each intern position offers a variety of skills students can learn about and cater to their own interests. The full-time staff is really supportive and do their best to make sure the intern is succeeding and enjoying their experience.”