Jada Page

Jada Page

“In this internship, you’re able to challenge yourself and use all the skill that you bring to the table.”

Jada Page, BS ’20

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Fun fact: “I made a short documentary about my semester abroad in Barcelona.”

Social media specialist

Responsibilities: Editing footage. Shooting and finding b-roll. Logging footage. Conducting interviews. Adding graphics. Setting up equipment.

Main project: Student profile of Ngozi Ibe, her work with Campus Dining Services and how it dovetails with her major and prepares her for her future career.

Learned: I gained more independence and learned to manage my own projects. I’ve learned to be more assertive in pursuing stories and not be afraid to suggest stories.

What Others Say

“The video of Ngozi Ibe truly captures what CDS employment is all about. We proudly use the video to tell our story due to its excellent quality. Great attention to detail by Jada!” – Susan Dayton, computing and recruiting resources manager, Campus Dining Services:

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“You get to have a lot of say in the projects, and what you say matters, because our stories are about students. In addition to building our your skills as a videographer, you grow as an individual and learn about building relationships.”