Jocelyn Racelis

“This opportunity gave me the skills and the confidence to pursue other internships and eventually a career in this field.”

Jocelyn Racelis, BJ ’21

Hometown: Holland, Michigan

Fun fact: “I take a video every day and I have since the first day of college. I try to capture a few of the most important seconds of my day, like a video diary.”


Responsibilities: Setting up and contacting people for interviews. Conducting interviews. Capturing B-roll. Logging footage. Editing. Took part in every step of film and production.

Main project: Videos for two “Faces of Mizzou” stories: Vinay Guntu, founder of the badminton club, and Rebecca Pabon, buyer for Zoutique.

What Others Say

Jocelyn produced a story about Rebecca Pabon that will make a great future recruiting tool. We’re very proud of the hands-on learning experiences we provide and it benefited each student greatly. It truly is what sets us apart from our competitors.” – Tiffany Anderson, associate director of brand management, The Mizzou Store

Why You Should Consider This Internship

“This internship takes your experience to the next level. I was able to apply the things I was learning in my classes to my projects at my internship. This department was very patient and met me where I needed in order to grow. I was one of the “greenest” interns they’ve had and they took a chance on me. I’ve grown in so many ways because they were able to spend the time to help me. I have endless good things to say about the internship and work environment.”