An Assuming Friendship

Roommates Bailey and Bailey found each other on Facebook; they're now best friends in real life.

Bailey Lofaro, a native of Springfield, Missouri, chose Mizzou to pursue a nursing major. Her older brother is a junior at Mizzou and, after seeing how happy he was in Columbia, she was excited to make her own memories as a Tiger.

Bailey Van Beers is a freshman from St. Louis. She’s always known she wanted to attend Mizzou and major in business. The big unknown was who would be her roommate. When she saw a post from Lofaro on the Mizzou Class of 2021 Facebook page, she sent the other Bailey a message.

“I was like, ‘Hey, I’m Bailey, too! Let’s talk!,’ ” Van Beers says. “And from there it was just history.”

The two messaged each other throughout their senior years of high school. After bonding so well over Facebook, they didn’t even have a conversation to decide to room together at Mizzou. Each assumed the other already wanted to — and both of them were right. They say choosing to live with someone they didn’t know previously is one of the biggest pieces of advice they would give to incoming freshmen.

“We were trying to find roommates who weren’t at our high school or who we didn’t know previously, because college is about … stepping out and meeting new people and doing your own thing,” Lofaro says.

Live, Learn & Thrive
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They originally wanted to live in a suite and were disappointed when they logged into ROAR, Mizzou’s room-selection website, only to find that the last room available in Brooks Hall was community-style. Looking back, they say they can’t imagine it being any other way. They are now co-social chairs in the Brooks Hall Government.

The two bonded quickly over their love of shopping, Netflix, and their mutual plans to join Greek life at MU. They also shared similar high school hobbies: Van Beers was a dancer and Lofaro was a cheerleader. They both had lots of friends in high school but say they didn’t really have a “best friend” — that was something they say they didn’t find until they met each other.

“We both really understood each other and were there for each other,” Lofaro says.

Sammie Davidson, dressed in a black cheerleading uniform and standing in front of the Memorial Stadium stands, smiles and stares off-camera.

Spreading Cheer

Gameday sounds can’t stifle Sammie Davidson’s cheers.