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Scavenger hunt events keep students entertained and safe.

Dr. William Stackman and his 3-month-old dog Mac at the David R. Francis Quadrangle
Students looking for a Mizzou dog as part of the scavenger hunt found Dr. William Stackman and his puppy Mac at the Columns. Sam O’Keefe/University of Missouri

By Feiyu Su

Students had the opportunity to take part in an international-themed scavenger hunt, the Global Tigers Week GooseChase, on campus March 3–4.

Participants in the event earned points by answering questions and completing tasks. The top three winners received prizes of Tiger Cash.

The Campus Activities Programming Board hosted the event to celebrate Global Tigers Week and provide students with an opportunity to get involved on campus.

“This was the perfect event during the pandemic,” said Cara Wagner, a sophomore studying journalism and political science. “I thought that it was a great way for people to get involved on campus and to have a fun activity that anyone could do around campus, that didn’t require people to gather in one place.”

Participants learned about other cultures while completing “missions” — answering trivia questions, submitting photos and videos, and checking in at GPS locations, Ronecker said. “It allowed them to take a break from virtual classes and participate in a fun activity.”

Wagner, who finished fourth, liked the competition aspect of the event. “It was really fun, trying to rack up my points and trying to get as many challenges as possible,” she said.

Join the GooseChase May 6–7

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Brooke Lemke, a first-year student studying journalism, said the event was a fantastic way to learn about different countries and cultures.

“It makes you realize there is a whole other world outside of what people in America know,” she said. “There are just so many different lifestyles, cultures and customs that we don’t know very well.”

Lemke said she appreciated that the university tried to help students get involved on campus during the global pandemic.

“I really appreciate the fact that Mizzou puts on stuff like this,” she said. “GooseChase gives us the opportunity to be out and be a little bit social and just have that mental health break from classes,” she said.

The next GooseChase event is scheduled for May 6–7. Both Lemke and Wagner said that they would love to participate in it again and invited their friends to join them.

Students interested in taking part in the event should download the GooseChase app and follow @StuffToDoAtMU on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for announcements.