Parental Notification of Alcohol and Controlled Substances Violations

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Dear parents and legal guardians,

At the University of Missouri, we are committed to the success of our students both inside and outside the classroom. It is our goal to maximize our students’ learning and development and promote their health, safety and welfare.

Consistent with this commitment, the University of Missouri has adopted the following “Parental Notification Policy” (CRR 180.25) based on the premise that the university, students and parents/legal guardians are partners in the creation of our campus environment.

There are two major components to this policy: As the parent/legal guardian of your student, you may be the person with whom they will discuss the use of alcohol and/or controlled substances. We have enclosed materials for your review to help you facilitate this discussion. We encourage you to have conversations prior to the start of school with your student about potential decisions related to the use of alcohol or controlled substances. During this conversation, please remind your student that alcohol and drug violations could jeopardize their status as a student at the University of Missouri.

Second, if your student is under the age of 21, and has been found to have violated the University of Missouri Standard of Conduct regarding alcohol or controlled substances, university officials may notify you, as permitted by federal privacy law. If you decide that you do not wish to be notified of student conduct violations under this policy, please complete the following form. If you change your mind regarding notification, or if your address or phone number changes, you will need to contact us and provide the current information.

Finally, the University of Missouri requires all incoming freshmen to complete a one-hour, online training module called AlcoholEdu. This training will help your student develop the critical skills to make responsible, educated choices about alcohol. We hope these skills will lead to your students’ success both here at Mizzou and after graduation. Your student received an email containing registration information on how to take the training. This training is mandatory, so please encourage your student to complete the training prior to the start of school.

You have our assurance that alcohol and substance abuse education is an important component of our student support programs at the University of Missouri. The following information and Parental Notification Policy are designed to assist you in your role as a parent/legal guardian. I encourage you to review it carefully. Should you have questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Jeff Zeilenga, dean of students, by calling 573-882-5397.

Bill Stackman
Vice Chancellor

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