Student Affordability Initiatives FY2020

The total cost of on-campus housing and dining will be nearly $2,000 less a semester than before.

The University of Missouri is implementing an innovative strategy to save more students more money.

Summary of changes

Keeping all halls open for fall, winter and spring breaks.
Benefit to students: Students will not be billed additional for extra days, saving each student up to $1,330, compared to previous years, billing at $28.33/day.

Modifying dining plans to make them easier to understand and more flexible with lower cost options.
Benefit to students: The smallest plan available is $100 less a month than the current year. The plan we anticipate students choosing the most is $100 less a year than the current primary plan.

Reducing room rates for more than one-third of available rooms.

Benefit to students: Students will be able to live in university housing and dine on campus for as low as $644 a month — a total savings of more than $250 a month compared to the lowest-priced option during the 2018-19 academic year.

By expanding our apartment inventory, we will increase the number of low-cost options by almost 50 percent. Our new apartment options will allow almost 500 students to live in university housing for as low as $461 a month — a savings of more than $200 a month compared to a traditional double room during the 2019-20 academic year.

When combined with the primary dining plan, more than 83 percent of students will pay less for on-campus housing and dining during the 2019-20 academic year.

Offering free summer 2019 housing for returning students who select rooms in 365 residence halls for the 2019–20 academic year.
Benefit to students: Savings of $1,255–1,755 per student.

Consolidating the pricing structure by reducing the number of price points from 12 to 8.
Benefit to students: Students can move between residence halls and not be charged extra for a room that is comparable, but was previously priced differently.

Adding ability for incoming freshmen to preference price over other variables (room style, location etc.).
Benefit to students: Ensures students who are price sensitive can be placed in the most affordable option available.

Engaging publishers and content distributors to add to our suite of solutions that support the A&OER initiative.
Benefit to students: Decreases the average cost of course material per class 7 percent (from $73 to $68), saving students $3 million across our four universities.

2019–20 rates


Housing option Contracts start at Monthly expense starts at
Suite-style apartment, academic year $4,150 $461
Traditional double, academic year $5,999 $667
Single rooms, academic year $7,425 $825
Year-round housing $7,125 $594
Summer only $1,255 $418


Dining option Academic year Monthly cost
Dining plans are required for first-time college students.
* Tiger Plans are declining balance plans that can be used at any dining location
Tiger Plan* $1,650 $183
Tiger Plan Plus $3,000 $333
Tiger Plan Platinum $3,400 $378
Mizzou Block 275 $3,760 $418