Winter Weather Preparedness

Planning ahead


Follow the weather forecast via an app on your smartphone or online at


Reduced campus operations may mean your first choice for meals is closed. Check to see when Campus Dining Services locations are open.


Before you head to MizzouRec, be sure to check for facility hours.

Health care

The Student Health Center and the Counseling Center generally stay open even when campus closes. Call the Student Health Center (573-882-7481) or the Counseling Center (573-882-6601) to make or confirm an appointment.


Carry a snack and water with you in case you get delayed or stuck — especially if you’re susceptible to low blood sugar or just likely to get hangry.

Getting around


Choose your shoes carefully. Avoid slick, untextured soles. Open-toed shoes and flip-flops are bad ideas.


Roads may be slick or icy. Please check MoDOT for road conditions. Also follow @ColumbiaPD on Twitter.


Winter weather often means the top floors of parking structures will be closed. Watch for exterior parking structure signs and follow @MizzouParking on Twitter.

Tiger Line shuttles

Follow @MizzouParking on Twitter to learn about possible interruptions to service.

Mizzou at Campus Lodge shuttles

If you rely on a Campus Lodge shuttle to get to campus, watch for an email from Residential Life about possible service interruptions.

Private shuttles

If you rely on a private shuttle to get to campus, please contact the shuttle operator.

Public transportation

If you take a city bus to campus, follow @GoCOMOTransit on Twitter for news and alerts.

Snow and ice removal

If you are a tenant, ask your landlord who is responsible for snow removal. If you are expected to do the shoveling, see if your landlord will provide you a shovel and ice melt.

Update on inclement weather policies
During the 2020–21 academic year, rather than closing campus during weather events, the university will shift to remote working and learning when needed.

The full inclement weather policy can be found at MU Alert.